Paul Arlott PHP / MySQL Developer & Server Admin
Coding PHP

I am a PHP / MySQL Developer

If you are reading this then you are already seeing some of my work in action as this site is powered by my own CMS clearFusionCMS and CSS framework fusionCSS.

clearFusionCMS in turn is built on top fusionLib which is a lightweight application framework that I developed to collect together the snippets of code I've developed over the years.

10 Things You Should Know About Me …

  1. Started work as an apprentice with British Aerospace on leaving school.
  2. Worked in the human factors department creating virtual prototypes of systems using only C/C++ and GL/OpenGL.
  3. Started TOLRA Micro Systems Limited to deliver web design and development.
  4. Unimpressed by poor customer service given by web hosts so rented servers and started my own web hosting business, happy clients.
  5. Used PHP, MySQL, valid XHTML and CSS to deliver projects to clients.
  6. Built up experience with Linux servers, cPanel and R1Soft CDP server.
  7. A judge for the development category of the AWIA awards since 2011.
  8. Created my own PHP / MySQL framework to promote code reuse.
  9. Created my own Content Management System (CMS) so that I could offer clients a stable and fast platform with a clear upgrade path.
  10. Looking forward to the next chapter …

My Work Life

TOLRA Micro Systems


TOLRA Micro Systems offer a variety of services including; web development, PHP programming, web design, system administration, UK, USA & Australian shared web hosting and website & server management.

More about TOLRA

Attitude e-media


Partnered with Attitude e-media in 2010 to take both our businesses to the next level. TOLRA & Attitude has contracted work out to each other since 2003 and compliment each others expertise in web production.

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Atlantic Hosting

Atlantic Hosting

Atlantic Hosting provides shared web hosting, from servers located in the UK and US, for clients all over the world. Its goal is to make clients happy so only high quality hardware and software is provisioned and maintained for the servers.

More about shared web hosting

World Site Index

World Site Index

World Site Index is a human edited categorized search engine friendly online directory that was established in 2003. We enjoy a healthy business relationship with SEO's and website owners submitting their website for review.

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